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I don't know if you have noticed this, but over the past few years, email marketing has been getting tougher and tougher. More emails are ending up in the spam folder, and you have to send twice the number of emails now to make the same amount of money as you did 2 or 3 years ago.
You work harder and harder to make less money, and it's just not right. Something needed to change and that's why we created ECC!
But I am getting ahead of myself. As I said we have been watching this email decline for a few years now. We've been running tests, studying everything we could find on email delivery, ISP spam filters, and content.
It all seemed to boil down to 5 key things.
  • Proper mailer setup.
  • Spam free subject lines.
  • No all CAPS words.
  • No excessive punctuation???
  • Accurate spelling.
Message copy that was spam free helped too, but we found that if our subject line wasn't right, the message didn't seem to come into play unless there were too many spam words in the text.
We noticed that when we got the subject line, right many of our messages landed in the inbox even if there were a few spam words in the message copy. That surprised us because it seemed as if the filters focused more heavily on the subject lines as the first line of defense.
So, we ran multiple tests. Those with one spam word in the subject. Those with 2 or more spam words. We tested lousy punctuation, terrible spelling, all CAPS, and in the spam folder, most of our messages went. We cleaned them up, and over 50% started appearing in the inbox again almost like magic.
We expected the solution to be complicated and hard to locate, but it was a lot simpler than we anticipated and we nearly missed it. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.
"I tested some of my subject lines with the  ECC and was shocked by their low score.  ECC scores your subject lines and suggests changes you can make to stop your emails from winding up in spam folders." more info...
The challenge
One of the most challenging things in email advertising is to get prospects to open your emails. Most people get 100's of emails a day, all clamoring for attention, all begging to be opened. Your email has to break through all that clutter and stand out in the crowd. You have to be creative but,
This task becomes next to impossible if the spam filters grab your email and shunt it off to the user's spam folder. Almost no one will see your email or your offer if it lands in the spam folder.
Will ECC solve all your email inbox woes?
No. It won't. No matter what you do some emails, even important ones, will end up in the spam folder, but ECC WILL help you get more emails in the inbox, and that can mean more prospects who see your offers, more opens, more leads and more sales. If no one sees your emails, you won't make any sales.
Here are some reasons why your emails may land in the spam folder, and some of them are so simple you can easily miss them.
Your subject line or message has common spam words in it. Words like marketing, earn money and success.

Words like learn, increase and now could push your emails into the promotions tab in Gmail and if you are like me, I rarely look in this folder unless I am looking for something special.

Adding words in CAPS and punctuation like !!! and ??? can also cause your emails to look like spam and end up in the dreaded spam folder.

And, spelling mistakes, while technically not spam, look sloppy and can ruin your open rates. Some prospects may think if your copy is sloppy maybe what you are offering is sloppy too.
We created Email Content Checker (ECC) to target problem words, and phrases and give you instant suggestions you can use to replace them.
Is your score 90 or higher?
Test your subject line below and find out.
A score of 90 -100 can get you into the inbox and help you make a lot more sales. Just enter your subject line,  click Show my Score, and presto, your score will appear below.
Inbox delivery score = 0
Now I know checking or testing your subject lines sounds boring, but ECC makes it fun because ECC will score your subject lines, tell you what's wrong and give you the answer in seconds.

ECC transforms your subject lines into strong headlines that will make the spam filters jump for joy, so your emails land in the user's inbox.

Imagine getting 20%, 30%, 50% or more opens, signups, leads, and sales, just by making a few small tweaks to your emails.
It would be nice if the only thing you had to do were to figure out what you would do with all that extra money, wouldn't it?

Maybe you would,
  • Put more food on your table.
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Take your family on that overdue vacation.
  • Give your kids a few extra dollars allowance.
  • Take your spouse on a second honeymoon.
  • Buy some new clothes.
  • Stash some away for your retirement.
  • Do some upgrades on your home.
  • Maybe all of the above.
We could have stopped there, and you would have a surefire way to get more emails noticed, more opens, more leads, more sign-ups, and more sales, but we decided to be completely different and go one better.
Let me give you seven good reasons why you should start using ECC every day from now on.
  • We added a state-of-the-art mailer you can use to reach 265,000 active users. Our mailing system has a sender score of 97, and without going into all the boring technical stuff, 97 out of 100 is excellent. How often you can send mail, depends on your member level.

  • Plus we added an ad profits section where your saved subject lines rotate free forever.

  • And then we added a fourth income generator called the cash funnel where you can earn a passive income by adding your affiliate IDs in the programs we offer. When others you sponsor, join you in these programs they will signup under your links, and you will earn the commissions if they upgrade.

  • So, if you are tired of letting the spam filters steal your sales and you want to make some more money each time you send a mailing, you need to use ECC every day.

  • If you have a hard time writing stuff and you need help coming up with alternative words and phrases so you can make more sales, you need to use ECC every day.

  • If you want a fun way to test and correct your subject lines, before they get destroyed by the spam filters, you need to use ECC every day.

  • And, if you want to be able to use our premium mailer, then choose your member level right now.
"I love Email Content Checker. I belong to most of your sites, and this is one of the best. I have created and saved numerous email subject lines, and I am impressed at how easy ECC is to use." more info...
Check out the video and see how easy this is.
Using ECC is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Test and score your subject line.

  • Make the changes we show you.

  • Save your new subject lines.

  • Use our mailers to promote your new subject lines.
  • Earn up to $198.80 per sale.
Here's what you get when you join today!
  • Test and score your subject line.
  • Make the changes we show you.
  • Save your new subject lines.
  • Use our mailers to promote your offers using your new subject line.
  • Earn up to $198.80 per sale.

But there are other subject testers online, aren't there?
Yes. But none of these do what ECC does. None of them use our special rules and algorithms, none give you the promotional power ECC does, with tools like mailers, subject line promotion, and a passive income cash funnel, and none give you a way to earn affiliate commissions when you tell others about them.
Stop losing hundreds of dollars a month. Stop wasting your email advertising! Start using ECC today.
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